julia schulz-dornburg


  • Dining with stars. Fabra Observatory,

    The Fabra Observatory, at 413 meters of altitude, presides since 1904 a privileged place in the Tibidabo mountain. The building offers a widespread view of Barcelona and is sufficiently close to the sky as to compile the corresponding meteorological, seismic and astronomic information. During the summer months, the observatory offers "dinner with... >>

  • Globo Celáqueo. Barcelona World Race, Barcelona

    The icon and trophy for the “Barcelona World Race” is a "celaquéo" globe (term composed of “Celestin” –stars and “Aqua”- water on the globe’s surface) , an object that delineates and represents most data and information indispensable for the navigation around the world . This large three-dimensional map acts as symbol and physical... >>

  • La Bossassona. Barcelona

    The bossassona added movement and sound as additional elements to the existing Christmas decoration iconography of colour and light. The installation was designed to fulfil its decorative purpose as much in the dark as in plain daylight during the busy shopping hours. The bossassona is a non-static multiple unit that combines typical Christmas... >>

  • Postcards from Barcelona. Plaça dels Àngels, Barcelona

    Loneliness in the city and is a collective and itinerant project of the artist Alicia Framis that feeds mainly on the contributions of others. The project is developed in the context of a large tent and it presents under the subtitle of Barcelona Remix to express the will of exploring cultural diversity in the Raval and the various fields in which... >>

  • X-mas Lights. Casc Antic, Barcelona

  • Caja de vidrio. Plaça del Born, Barcelona

    Two glass structures, used as entrance and ventilation shaft for an underground parking, were converted into a display case by adding a coloured panel and using the existing emergency lights. A “ready-made” exhibition space in a highly frequented public space.


  • Home sweet home. UIA 1996, Barcelona

    HOME SWEET HOME is a reflection on the lives and private sphere of those who dwell in big cities, a modest case study on Man's space in the metropolis. It focuses on the microcosm within the macrocosm, understanding the first one as a private, intimate space in which city-dwellers spend much of their lives. The “home” as concept and object has to... >>

  • Ewiger Weizen. Brot Museum, Ulm

    In a single century, wheat culture was reduced from over sixty thousand to a few dozen high-yield types. Remains of the disappeared native breeds of wheat are stored in seed banks, frozen and numbered, raw material for experiments. Beyond its concrete purpose, wheat has therefore achieved its highest abstraction as embodiment of wealth and... >>