julia schulz-dornburg


  • Leftovers from the real estate bubble, a database

    One of the most significant consequences of the current economic crisis in Spain is the proliferation of unfinished, underused or vacant architectural and urban developments. Large ghost towns, abandoned public buildings or partially finished infrastructures have become an indelible part of landscape which has been altered by an institutionalized... >>

  • Arquinset- Week of Architecture: 2nd edition of Contemporary Landscape

    The new edition of Arquinset starts off with an encounter for “Creating a public database of real estate corpses" and a workshop: "Document from the air" organized by Basurama. A premier of the documentary "Empty Houses” by Marisol Soto Romero and Manuel Muñoz Monterde closes this year’s architectural week.


  • Arquinset- Week of Architecture: Contemporary Landscape

    Each society reflects its abilities, dreams and limitations on the landscape. Abilities, dreams and limitations that not only depend today on its organisation and its endogenous potential but also on the place it occupies in the world flows of capital, commodities, information and people. From this standpoint, it may be stated that each society... >>

  • Workshop: "Con el viento a favor". La Muela, Zaragoza

    The case study “La Muela - con el viento a favor” investigated elements that could be instrumental in planning transformation strategies. The analysis of the site involved looking at the geophysical and environmental aspects of the territory as well as understanding it as a cultural representation and manufactured landscape. Several strategies... >>

  • Book: Ruinas Modernas, una topografia de lucro

    "Modern ruins, a Topography of Profit" is a photographic inventory of abandoned speculative construction in Spain. It depicts landscape occupied by clusters of uncompleted buildings throughout the national territory. The recent massive implementation of leisure resorts, tourist enclaves and all kinds of residential communities has not only... >>

  • Book: Film houses - Visionary dwelling in the cinema

    The book examines visionary domestic architecture in film, compiling 20 houses of extraordinarily imaginative conception. The typology, size and character of each of these homes dating from 1924 to 1997 portray concurrent visions of a hypothetical future and represent the prevailing sentiment and political mood of the time in three... >>

  • Book: Art and architecture: new affinities

    The book touches on the shared expiriences of Art and Architecture, on what they have bad in common over the last two decades. Influences are discerned and connections established between disciplines that are sometimes on the point of merging in the way they extrapolate and interchange their findings.Parallels are drawn between works by architects... >>