• Seminar "On Photography", La Virreina

    Twelve photographers are invited to participate in a cycle of six presentations. They are paired, and each pair will have two hours at her disposal. Betsy Green - Isabel Codina,  Pía Elizondo - Mònica Roselló,  Bettina Lockemann - Julia Schulz-Dornburg, Nuria Martínez - Rebecca Muttel,  Consuelo Bautista - Rosa Feliu,  Anna Malagrida - Elisenda... >>

  • Street Parliament. Workshop UIC School of Architecture, Barcelona

    The 20th edition of the Vertical Workshop ESARQ-UIC was developed within the framework of the joint action of architecture workshops of different universities in the "Superillapilot" project, a reflection on the public domain. The urban action "expression and participation" was located at the intersection of the Sancho de Ávila and Ciutat de... >>

  • Arquinset - Week of Architecture: 3rd edition of Contemporary Landscape

    The third and last edition will analyse a new speculative real estate cycle which distinguishes itself by turning ruins (from the previous real estate bubble) into profit. This brings us back to the initial question about what to do with all those ruins. Back then, we never imagined that the same system that created these real estate corpses would... >>

  • Arquinset- Week of Architecture: 2nd edition of Contemporary Landscape

    The new edition of Arquinset starts off with an encounter for “Creating a public database of real estate corpses" and a workshop: "Document from the air" organized by Basurama. A premier of the documentary "Empty Houses” by Marisol Soto Romero and Manuel Muñoz Monterde closes this year’s architectural week.


  • Hondakin Modernoak, Hirigileak testuinguru berriaren aurrean. COAVN, Bilbao

    The seminar "Urbanists facing a new context", organized by the Basque-Navarro architects and town-planners (AVNAU) as well as by EKOS (Environmental Research Advisory board), provided an opportunity to show examples of the photographic inventory of speculative construction in Spain portraying abandoned places occupied by groups of buildings not... >>

  • Arquinset- Week of Architecture: Contemporary Landscape

    Each society reflects its abilities, dreams and limitations on the landscape. Abilities, dreams and limitations that not only depend today on its organisation and its endogenous potential but also on the place it occupies in the world flows of capital, commodities, information and people. From this standpoint, it may be stated that each society... >>