Casa de les Llengües. Can Ricart, Barcelona

The setting is an old disused factory, an important industrial heritage of urban scale. The dimension and grammar of the exhibition is directly related to this historic landmark. The exhibition maintains the original factory space without visual interruptions; size and volume of the intervention respects the chronicle of the place.
The design strategy for this museum is one of creating layers of contents and techniques for each  elements on show. Language and grammar of the exhibition is contemporary, based on digital technologies. To guarantee a seductive visual quality, objects, textures, colours, writing and digital information are combined. A specific poetic language is developed for this museum that fuses photography, sound, original objects and reproductions, filmic, interactive and graphical information.




Project: Exhibition project ”House of Languages”(unbuilt)
Location: Can Ricart, Barcelona
Date: 2008-2009

Author: Julia Schulz-Dornburg
Collaborators: Eugenia Troncoso

Client: Foundation Barcelona Media, House of Languages