Book: Art and architecture: new affinities

The book touches on the shared expiriences of Art and Architecture, on what they have bad in common over the last two decades. Influences are discerned and connections established between disciplines that are sometimes on the point of merging in the way they extrapolate and interchange their findings.
Parallels are drawn between works by architects and artists. Structured in eight parts, the book takes a look at the latest tendenciesin both disciplines, tendencies aimed at exploring the sensual perception of space and revalorizing the role the spectator has graduallly assumed within the work. The end resutls turn out to be surprisingly similar, despite the fact that the paths taken originate in different disciplines and ways of thinking.


Title: “Art and architecture: new affinites”
Publication date: 2000

Author: Julia Schulz-Dornburg

Translation and text revision: Elena Llorens Pujol, Paul Hammond
Cover design: Estudi Coma
Publisher: Gustavo Gili, SA. Barcelona