Place, the world in a suitcase.
CCCB, Barcelona.

Vasava Artworks and the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona present Place, the world in a suitcase, a research project that deals with the relations between the environment and the creative process, in which thirty-five designers give form to the world around them.
The Barcelona graphic arts studio Vasava Artworks put into circulation two suitcases, each containing a blank book, a video camera and a T-shirt. This virgin material travelled east and west to thirty-five cities around the world: Milan, Rio de Janeiro, Singapore, Mexico City, Stockholm, Reykjavik, Lausanne, Caracas, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Manila, Medellín, Hamburg, East Stroudsburg, Sydney, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Toronto, Moscow, Guayaquil, Paris, Lima, Istanbul, Colonia del Sacramento, Durban, Los Angeles, London, Santiago de Chile, Tokyo, Dakar, Hong Kong, São Paulo, Bangalore and Montreal. The project has invited thirty-five designers, with their interventions and filmings, to answer the following question: how does the place where you live influence the individual creative process? The artworks generated by this project were exhibited at the CCCB.


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Project: Exhibition “Place”
Location: CCCB, Barcelona
Date: 2004 

Author: Julia Schulz-Dornburg
Collaborator: Mariona Benedito

Client: Vasava
Curator: Vasava
Graphic design: Vasava
Construction: Manterola División Arte

Photography: Toni Coll