Refurbishment Vasava Artworks Studio. Barcelona

An old ground floor garage was converted into the head office of Vasava artworks, a graphics studio dedicated to the investigation of new tendencies in communication.
Exhibition space, shop, recording studio, office, workshop and projection room are accommodated in a series of different interconnected spaces that cater for the companies needs. A large glass shop front frames the view of Vasava’s offices extending some 32 meters into the interior of the street block. The sheer size and extension of the old garage made it possible to create a visual summery of the company’s activities by arranging it’s principal spaces sequentially along the sightline from the street. The sum of all areas, each one colour codified and individually structured, form a colourful corporate perspective.


Project: Refurbishment of Vasava Artworks Studio S.L.
Location: C/ Calabria 83-85, Barcelona
Date: 2005-2006

Author: Julia Schulz-Dornburg
Collaborators: Mariona Benedito, Ema Dunner

Client: Vasava

Photography: Miquel Bargallo, Toni Coll