Stand COAC. Construmat, Barcelona

The COAC’s brief for the design of their stand at the Construction fair “Construmat” was to exhibit the outcome of a competition for a tent, organized by the client.
We wanted to introduce an idyllic setting of camping tents into the bustling fair routine whilst maintaining a contextual link to the urban environment, important reference for the majority of architects represented by the COAC. Both the temporal nature of the occupation of a tent and the provisional nature of a construction fair made us choose an architectural solution that would emphasize the ephemeral, temporal and festive nature of the subject matter. The result, combined with Xavier Ribas magnificent photographs, is a “provisional camping site” in the city.


Project: Stand for COAC in Construmat
Location: Fira Barcelona, building Montjuic 1, pavilion 5
Date: April 2005

Authors: Julia Schulz-Dornburg, Joan Pons Forment
Collaborators: Mariona Benedito

Client: Área de Cultura, Formació i Publicacions COAC (Cultural, publishing and training area)
Music: Pablo Bélez-Lluis Clavera
Graphic design: Rosa Lledó
Original photographs: Xavier Ribas
Construction: Grop S.L. exhibitions and museums

Photography: Tony Coll