Book: Ruinas Modernas, una topografia de lucro

"Modern ruins, a Topography of Profit" is a photographic inventory of abandoned speculative construction in Spain. It depicts landscape occupied by clusters of uncompleted buildings throughout the national territory. The recent massive implementation of leisure resorts, tourist enclaves and all kinds of residential communities has not only transformed vast areas of the coast but has also taken a firm hold on the interior provinces. The premature decline of some of these settlements due to bursting of the real estate bubble presents us with images of haunting beauty that describe the incongruity between the short life of property speculation - aborted for technical reasons, and its lasting physical scars.

Bella Rotja, Pego, Alicante 2011

Press Review

El País Semanal, 07.10.2012
El Pais, 15.07.2012
La Vanguardia, 13.10.2012
Ara, 18.07.2012

Book Presentation 2012


Title: Modern Ruins, a Topography of Profit
Author: Julia Schulz-Dornburg
Publication: October 2012

Texts by: Rafael Argullol, Pedro Azara, Jordi Punti y Oriol Nel·lo
Collaborators: Eugenia Troncoso (investigation), Javier Ventosa (travels)

Photos: Julia Schulz-Dornburg
Design: Bruno Bakalović, Plex Berlin
Publisher: Àmbit Servicios Editoriales
Collection: Palabra y paisaje
Director: Francesc Muñoz