Hondakin Modernoak, Hirigileak testuinguru berriaren aurrean. COAVN, Bilbao

The seminar "Urbanists facing a new context", organized by the Basque-Navarro architects and town-planners (AVNAU) as well as by EKOS (Environmental Research Advisory board), provided an opportunity to show examples of the photographic inventory of speculative construction in Spain portraying abandoned places occupied by groups of buildings not completed within the national territory.

Press Review

Zazpika Gara, 07.02.14
Berria, 30.01.14


Project: Modern Ruins Exhibition
Location: Vasco-Navarran Arquitectural Institute, Alameda Mazarredo, 69-71 Bilbao
Date: January 2014 

Author: Julia Schulz-Dornburg
Investigation and documentation: Eugenia Troncoso

Client: AVNAU y EKOS
Coordination: Javier Martínez Callejo, Ibai Gandiaga Pérez de Albéniz