La Bossassona. Barcelona

The bossassona added movement and sound as additional elements to the existing Christmas decoration iconography of colour and light. The installation was designed to fulfil its decorative purpose as much in the dark as in plain daylight during the busy shopping hours.
The bossassona is a non-static multiple unit that combines typical Christmas elements like the gift bag, the bell or the bright twinkle of a star. It has a mobile structure with stainless steel arms of which two different polypropylene bags with a choice of colour (blue, green, yellow and red) hang. Stroboscopic light bulbs emitting flashes at intermittent intervals are installed inside the bags, which are joined by the handles with a little bell. The mobile metallic structure permits an oscillating horizontal and vertical movement that increases the three-dimensionality of the street installation. With the low winter light, the polypropylene bags turn into planes of luminous colour. When lit at night the lamp-bags acquire a magical appearance. The colour effect is enhanced by the alternate flashes that create the feeling of a sparkling coloured sky. The bells enhance the sparkling light effect both during day and night and invade the street with singular acoustics.


Press Review

On Design 252, 2004


Project: Installation “La Bossasona”
Location: Barna Centre, Barcelona
Date: November 2003 – January 2004

Authors: Julia Schulz-Dornburg, Francesc Llorca
Collaborators: Niko Moser

Client: FAD, Barna Centre
Construction: Gremaca

Photography: Francesc Llorca

Awards: 2004 FAD Ephemeral Spaces Award
2004 FAD Jury Opinion Award