Competition for the permanent exhibition "Museu Casteller de Catalunya". Valls, Tarragona

The project aims to make use of the museums capacity to revitalize part of the old city by visually reinforcing the connection between the two emblematic squares in the old town. The project proposes a strong intervention on the ground floor and uses an important part of its resources to consolidate and enrich the connection between the museum and the city.
We have used the colours that identify the different groups of “castellers” in Catalonia as a visual link between the museum's content and its surroundings. The sum of all the colours has been transformed into a great mural that connects Plaça del Blat (Wheat square) with the entrance to the museum. This mural of colors surrounds part of the Museum Square before unfolding inside the museum throughout the lobby. The horizontal connection of the mural ends with the luminous image of a rising human castle, a vertical axis that connects the entrance to the museum with the exhibition hall on the first floor.
The colourful and close character that permeates the ground floor is the prelude to an exhibition design in which a black and white foreground prevails. Strictly neutral in terms of colour, it allows an impartial, almost scientific reading. Behind each preamble, a zone of colour and dynamism adopts the shape of sound and image. The large circular wall that surrounds the symbolic center of the museum becomes the heart of the exhibition around which all contents are arranged.



Project: Competition for "Museu Casteller de Catalunya", 2nd prize
Location: Valls, Tarragona
Date: 2015

Author: Julia Schulz-Dornburg
Collaborators: Eugenia Troncoso, Pat Castillo (technical architecture)

Content: Eurecat, Mireia Mascarell, Anna Requejo
Graphic design: AAAA, Pere Canals
Audio-visual: Pep Botey
Images: Iñigo Azpiazu